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The Accidental Boyfriend, in paperback and Kindle e-book formats

The Accidental Boyfriend, Part II in paperback and Kindle e-book formats

Sidebar, in paperback and Kindle e-book formats

Sidebar, book II, in paperback and e-book formats


The Accidental Boyfriend

SUMMARY: It is true what people say: Sometimes love just sneaks up on you in the most unexpected ways. Such is the case of Gwendolyn and Frank. Frank Holloway, a detective with the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Department in Southwest, Florida; Gwendolyn Olmsted, a misunderstood, way overeducated Gulf War veteran, with former sex slave rape victim recurrences haunting each waking day. Frank Holloway, now actually a Sergeant, with more friends and Bar-B-Q invites than he has time to deal with; versus Gwendolyn Olmsted, because of the way she was released from the United States Armed Forces has no access to gainful employment, and thus in essence, has no access to quality men, because she has no access to gainful employment, without a friend in the world, besides caring for her six-year-old child, with her only social outlet being sexless attorney and her child’s dad, Chad. Then............ along came Sargent Frank Holloway, IV, who was so eager to help Gwendolyn, he actually gave her his personal cell phone number when she filed a criminal complaint against a local vendor for services for her child gone awry. But as luck would have it, Frank Holloway’s personal cell phone number wasn’t the only thing he gave Gwendolyn in late 2014, and well into most of 2015.

follow the /yet to be determined/ number of sagas Frank and Gwendolyn embrace in togetherness......


. The Accidental Boyfriend---Part I

The Accidental Boyfriend---Part II

The Accidental Boyfriend---Part III

SIDEBAR: a Trilogy

One would not expect to find love inside a courtroom of law, especially between a States Attorney and the defendant he is prosecuting. From the moment Nicholas saw Gwendolyn on the Internet, he could not stop obsessing over her: He invaded all aspects of her life, for over a year and a half, building, wanting, yearning, to finally meet her, until one day, the day he finally met her, engaged her, villainized her …….. and seduced her -- in a court of law. Although Gwendolyn didn't know what she was walking into that day, when she had made a required courtroom appearance, from what she initially thought had started out as random Internet dating turned into one of the wildest, salacious, impassioned, seductive, and carnal exploits Gwendolyn had ever fulfilled for Nicholas in his entire life.





SIDEWAYS, a book of erotic indulgence between FBI agents Kimberly and Michael............... coming this Summer 2015

Gwendolyn Olmsted
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